ED Coating
- Epoxy
- Acrylic
Rapid Anamel
- Oilpon Airkid
- Oilpod Airkid AC
Baking Anamel
- Waterpon BE
- THERMOKRIL GENC NOROO is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance coatings. Specialities are eco friendly coating products for
Poly Urethane corrosion protection and decoration of steel and plastic.
- Anythane PU We offer a wide range of products coupled with expert advice and guidance in selected business areas:
-   Areas Of Activity
Acrylic Urethane Pipe Coating Automotive Parts Coating
- Anythane AU Tractor Coating Home Appliance Parts Coating
- Anythane HB AU Earthmoving Equipment Coating Transformer Coating
- Home Appliance Coating LPG Cylinder Coating
Epoxy Drum Coating Shock Absorber Coating
- Anypoxy Ballast Coating  
- Anypoxy HB